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TECHTICIAN is Malaysia's leading digital agency specializing in UX Design. We solve complex business problems through design & innovation.


We bring change through user-centric designs, crafted to delight your customers.

About Us

Our goal is to design intuitive and scalable products that your users will love.

By leveraging business strategy & UX design, we help organisations level up their digital experience. Our clients range from SMEs, government agencies to commercial brands.

We are the catalyst of change — for you to drive change.

Crafting great digital experience is our forte.
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UI/UX Design

Solve complex business problems with innovative design, aimed to deliver delight to your users.

UI/UX Design
User-centric interface design with great usability, while retaining your unique brand personality. At its core, the design decisions are aimed to make the product seamless, efficient and lovable.
UX Research
We discover what your users want with the best solutions. By taking qualitative & quantitative measures, we can interpret insights into actionable data for your apps.
At early stages of application design, we'll develop wireframes that align with your business ideas. This acts as a starting point to explore concepts with solid UX principles.
High Fidelity Prototype
A highly interactive prototype that closely resembles the end product. Conduct validity test with a closed audience before shipping it to market.

Design at Scale

A design framework that is future-proof. Design and code are tightly aligned; paving the way for maximum collaboration in your organization, and helps you ship products faster.

Design Systems
A single, consistent design system that serves as a single source of truth across your organisation. Ship coherents at scale.
Product Design
This is where we combine business analysis, UX writing, user behaviours & CI/CD into account - all for a successful product.
Branding & Identity
Uncover your brand's voice and stand out to your targeted audience. We'll form a branding guideline that spans consistently across different mediums, be it on digital or physical space.


Extension of your dev team. We can materialise your designs into live code, helping you ship apps faster.

Web Development
Blending latest technology & design approach to build intuitive web apps for your business.
PWA Build
Progressive Web App (PWA) is the future of mobile. Optimize cost and ship faster with PWA on both iOS & Android platform.
Coded Components
Our team codes your existing your design files, be it from Figma, Invision or Sketch - to production-ready components.

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