Modernized a legacy ERP system with automations and brand new interface.
Commercial Brand, Home Wellness
May 2018
Software Modernization, Web Application, UI/UX Design
September 2018

The Challenge

Our client — Aura Gemilang struggled to keep their legacy ERP system up and running. Since the legacy system was created in late 90s, the language & framework was obsolete.

Our Approach

We retrieved all the precious data from the legacy system and re-design the system architecture. To make it run stable and at scale, we deployed the new system — codenamed ACSA to a private cloud. In addition, we’ve implemented clever automations to further optimize the business process, saving time and cost.

Breathing new life into a legacy ERP system.

01. Optimize business process

Sales officers and admins are the engine towards Aura Gemilang's success. We built ACSA with automation in-mind to hugely boost their workflow.

02. Secure Infrastructure

Sensitive, mission-critical data is regularly backed-up in the cloud. Gone are the days where data was saved in a USB drive.  (no joke)

Responsive enterprise app for Aura Gemilang SDN BHD

03. Built to Scale

As Aura Gemilang’s customer base grows, so does the data and system workload. ACSA is built to scale with ease, with near-no downtime — thanks to cloud deployment.

04. Fresh UI/UX

ACSA is designed with the best UI/UX practices. Employees no longer have to navigate in old MS-DOS interface, thus eliminate guessworks and human errors.

ACSA helped us to automate our financial operations significantly.
Fatiha, Managing Director

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